125438, Российская Федерация,
г. Москва, Лихоборская набережная, д. 14, оф. 307
125438, Russian Federation, Moscow,
Likhoborskaia naberezhnaia, 14, office 307.
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Journal «Tekhnologiia kolesnykh i gusenichnykh mashin – Technology of Wheeled and Tracked Machines» (further — Journal) is a kind of analytical, scientific and technical review which concentrates on scientific research results, and innovative activities. It is also a means of communication for scientists, teachers, postgraduates and leading specialists of profile organizations.
The Journal regards the term «technology» as a complex of managerial, scientific, experimental, designing and engineering processes. It is connected with the human activity and is a basis for creative potential of the society. In other words the sphere of interests of the Journal covers a full life cycle of wheeled and tracked machines (automobiles; tractors including agricultural ones; road-building machinery; specialized wheeled and tracked machines), its material (production), non-material (idea, design, project, plan) and other (maintenance, utilization) stages.
The problems of marketing, the development of original requirements, design, manufacturing, maintenance and utilization are considered in two scientific directions:
 — technical sciences;
 — agricultural sciences.
In the Journal one can find the following sections:
 — reviews, analytical analyses (exhibitions, round tables, conferences, seminars, interviews, news of manufacturers, marketing, the analyses of markets, new products);
 — scientific research and project developments;
 — transport and environment problems;
 — new engineering materials, including nanocomposites;
 — service and maintenance problems, safety, efficiency, economy;
 — jubilees;
 — miscellaneous (reports, abstracts, etc.)
The Journal is purposed to publish materials, which give a clear understanding of the main trends in the development of the world automobile industry and agricultural machine building, and which contribute to the implementation of the latest research results in different fields of machine building. The Journal also provides opportunities for cooperation to leading scientists, practicing engineers and a new generation of young investigators. The issue can be both thematic and jubilee celebrations.
The papers and other kinds of materials are published on presentation. All papers for publishing are peer-reviewed. The way of peer-reviewing is determined by the editorial staff and is not discussed with authors. In case the article is declined the author gets a motivated refusal. The editors have the right to decide if the paper is consistent with the Journal and its sections.
Each issue of the Journal provides the guidelines for paper delivery to the authors.
The Journal is distributed on subscription. The Journal neither accepts nor publishes the articles of political, religious and pseudo-scientific character.
The Journal is managed by the editorial council, the editorial staff and the editor-in-chief. The editorial council determines the subjects and the functional principles of the Journal. The editorial staff manage the work of the Journal, form the portfolio of materials, send the submitted paper for a review and decide which papers are to be published. The editor-in-chief heads the work of editorial staff.
The materials of the Journal both in English and Russian can be found on www.niika.ru.