125438, Российская Федерация,
г. Москва, Лихоборская набережная, д. 14, оф. 307
125438, Russian Federation, Moscow,
Likhoborskaia naberezhnaia, 14, office 307.
main menu EDITOR-IN-CHIEF next folder Dr. Sc. (Eng) Tengizi D. Dzotsenidze

Professor, Department of Processes and Machines in Agricultural Business
The Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy
named after K.A. Timiryazev
Honorary Mechanical Engineer and an
Honorary worker of Science and Technology of Russia.

E-mail: dtengiz@yandex.ru
The birthdate – 1959.
Teaching at MSAU – since 2009, Machinery and Tractor Maintenance Chair.
Since April 2014 up to the present time - head of scientific and project-training
laboratory of agricultural transport means at RSAU - MAA named after K.A. Timiryazev.
2011 - March 2014 - head of scientific and project-training laboratory of agricultural transport means at MSAU.
2006-2011 – scientific vice director at FSUE“NAMI».
1986 -2006 – research worker, senior research worker, and head of the research department of design and advanced materials structures,
head of automobile structure development department.

The sphere of activity
60% — research, development and creation of new transport means;
20% — editing, consulting;
10% — teaching.

Scientific interests
The development of agricultural industrial complex and rural territories infrastructure, working out parameter grounds of new transport
means for technological and social purposes.
The major priorities in the development of special transportation means and technological machinery are their efficiency,
ecological safety, alternative sources of power, comfort, economical purposes.

Teaching disciplines
Design and ergonomics of automobiles and tractors. Engineering and finishing materials for automobiles and tractors.

Over 90 scientific and methodological publications have been made for the current five years. Among them – 12 books exceeding 70 print sheets,
10 patents obtained.
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Most noticeable projects
(development, participation, research, project leadership)
Automobile "Tachanka T-134"
development and creation.

A family of city automobiles «Mishka»
project including automobiles with hybrid power installation.

A 15-metre city autobus of a particularly big class.

Full-size business-class
estate car «Pobeda — 2» concept.

Full-drive 3-axle truck
with an engine on the frame concept.

A new driver’s cab and hood of caterpillar tractors
manufactured at Volgograd tractor plant.

Specialized automobile for farmers.

School bus concept satisfying
all modern safety and comfort requirements.

Research, development and creation of agricultural truck
to be used in field work as part of technological complex.

A family of agricultural automobiles «GAZ Ermak».

Interchangeable technical adds-up
on truck chassis of agricultural machinery.

Full-drive 3-axle load and passenger vehicle
for social development of rural territories

Projects for the future.